Another amazing week in Provincetown–this one including a visit from a friend. Number one on my agenda was reading through my novel. Happy to report the beginning is still WORKING! But solve one problem and you can see another… This time the middle seemed heavy so I got to practice my cutting skills. Also, the prose felt see-jane-run-ish. I said to my friend that I needed to find an app to increase my vocabulary. But I have a pretty good vocabulary–at least in my headPerhaps what I needed was not more words but a better way to reach the words I already know. I keep a book of poetry on my desk, and the next day, when I noticed the same thing, I read a poem. Which sparked new sentences here and there. Which made me wonder if the problem was less the words and more the linear thinking that is my default position. On Monday and Tuesday, I put the edits in the computer. Now I’m going to take a week off and then read the novel again–with doses of poetry and my fingers crossed that it’s done. On my way home shortly. xo ~cyn