Other Writing


Hidden Tracks” in Contrary Magazine

Mackenzie” in  Gargoyle #57

The Empty Armchair” in Contrary Magazine–chosen for the Top Ten in Fiction

“The Splitting Sound” in Clapboard House–chosen for the print edition The Best of Clapboard House I

Watching” in Six Sentences

Frosting” in Contrary Magazine

Into the Woods” in Storyglossia


Not Every Sentence Can Be Great But Every Sentence Must Be Good” in Brevity

Childhood” in Numéro Cinq

What it’s like living here” in Numéro Cinq

“A Practice” in The View from Here Magazine


Natalie Serber’s Shout Her Lovely Name in Hunger Mountain

Rebecca Rasmussen’s The Bird Sisters in Contrary Magazine

Heather Newton’s Under the Mercy Trees in Contrary Magazine and republished by the National Book Critics Circle on Powell’s Books Review-a-Day

Susan Froderberg’s Old Border Road in Contrary Magazine

Susanna Daniel’s Stiltsville in Contrary Magazine

Kim Wright’s Love in Mid Air in Contrary Magazine

Francesca Kay’s An Equal Stillness in Contrary Magazine

Mari Strachan’s The Earth Hums in B Flat in Contrary Magazine

Rachel Cusk: The Slow Construction of a Writing Life in Blogcritics

Elizabeth Diamond’s An Accidental Light in Contrary Magazine