I’m OBSESSED with connecting the dots from then until now, OBSESSED with understanding that I’ve been on this earth for almost 60 years, OBSESSED with remembering how I spent the 21,871 days between the day I was born and today, OBSESSED with this quote from Mary Gordon.

She sees that she has before her an important task: to understand that all the things that happened in her life happened to her. That she is the same person who was born, was a child, a girl, a young woman, and now she is old. That there is some line running through her body like a wick.
–Mary Gordon, The Rest of Life



1973: Every day that passes after I turn 16 and can drive myself away from the restrictions that are my family, the happier I am. The Best of Bread comes out, and I play it over and over again. Baby, I’m a want you… The Vietnam War is finally over, but it stays with me. Trying to understand, I read books written by POWs. That summer, camp is not an option–I’m too old. At the beach, it’s the Atkins Diet and getting a tan and listening to Dionne Warwick with the older guy next door who looks like Mark Spitz and has a motorcycle. My boyfriend sends me a letter, and instead of using my whole name, uses only my first name, which I think is weird. I spend a month on the Young Life Western Tour, where I’m all smiles. This photo is standing in our driveway.

44 days to 60


Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?
Mary Oliver