Starting in 1995 and ending in 2008, with the exception of 2006, once a year, a friend and I hiked the Pine Mountain Trail–all 23 miles in one day. The trail is located about thirty miles from Columbus. We would get up in the dark, drop a car at the end (with wine), drop water in the places where the trail crossed the road, and be ready to start walking at first light. The fifth year our husbands joined us.

I got my nickname scribe in part because I recorded so many details from this annual hike–how long we stopped, the time for each mile, how many bathroom breaks… In 1995, it took us 9 hours and 45 minutes. In 2008, it took us 11 hours 7 minutes. One year–either the year we forgot the keys to the car at the end and had to go back or the year after the tornado blew down trees with the blue blazes we were following–we finished with flashlights in the dark.

It was a day in the woods, and a challenge I both looked forward to and dreaded. I would like to do it again one of these days.


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