One of my favorite things at the moment is Spotify’s Discover Weekly. Every Monday morning a new playlist magically appears–created especially for me based on what I listen to and what other people listen to who listen to the same music I do.

If you don’t know Spotify, give it a try. There’s a free version, but I pay the $10/month so that my playlists are available offline, which means I can listen to the music in my car. And I LOVE listening to music in my car.

Spotify came up with this back in June, and I’ve saved five of these playlists in their entirety, as well as countless other songs, which have led to my discovery of a bunch of new artists.

Here’s Andra Day, one of the new artists I discovered, singing “Rise Up,” a song that will fire you up to work on whatever writing–or other–project you’re tackling.


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