Around 1970 or so, we added on to our house, and I got to choose the wallpaper and the rug for my very small, but my very own, room. I chose blue and green and cream striped wallpaper and a blue and green shag rug. I had a trundle bed, a nice antique desk that’s in our room now, a chest of drawers, a stereo, and a night table with a clock radio.

I loved that clock radio–a Christmas gift from my grandparents. Lights went out at ten, but I would set the radio to sleep–to play for twenty minutes or so as I fell asleep. There’s nothing quite like lying in the dark with your homework done and your clothes laid out for the next day, listening to a radio station playing “A Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “The Long and Winding Road,” or “Venus,”and then the voice of the DJ…


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