IMG_0189Today I made the same drive I first made back in the fall of 1975–40 years ago. Then, it was with my parents headed for my freshman year at Davidson College. Now, it’s with my son headed for his senior year at the same place.

When I asked him where he was living this year, he said the senior apartments.

“Oh man,” I said, “you got one of the new senior apartments. That’s cool.”

“They’re not new, mother.”

“Oh,” I said, “I guess not.” They were building them when I graduated, and I was so jealous I would never get to live in one.

1975-09-01When I turned 40, I found it shocking that 40 years could have gone by since I was born, and now 40 years have gone by since I was 18. I’ll probably never stop being shocked by the passage of huge chunks of time.

I walked around campus this afternoon, and although a lot is different, my freshman dorm looks exactly the same. I thought about all the people I knew here, all the classes I took, all the decisions I made. I thought about what’s different and what’s still the same.

*my healthy action today: packed breakfast and lunch for the drive


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