I LOVED meditation while I was at Canyon Ranch. But in the real world, where I really, really need it, I haven’t meditated even once. Because I have NO TIME for meditation. Just like I have no time to cook. In exactly that sense. In other words, I would rather be doing other things.

Even when I’m still, speaking of motion, I’m usually DOING something.

For around $15, Whole30 will send you a daily email during your 30 days. It’s full of try this and that is completely normal and you can do it’s. I subscribed. Today’s email, which is really about yesterday because you have to sign up ahead of time for the email and I didn’t know that, included a link to the adorably captivating 5-minute video below:

Even I realize that I can make time for something that only takes one minute. And there’s an app for this–of course there is. Which I just downloaded. Free, by the way. All of this based on Martin Boroson’s book, One Moment Meditation—OMM…

A moment goes by so quickly that you’d have to be a master just to notice one. That’s why your training starts with an exercise–the Basic Minute–that takes a full minute. A minute is like a moment with handles on it–you know where it begins and ends, so it’s easier to grasp.

*my healthy action today: I meditated for one minute : ) 


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