For years, I did not read the paper–any paper. Then in January of 2009 I decided I needed my horizons broadened. Now I read Sunday’s The New York Times. And I enjoy reading it.

In February, the Sunday Book Review featured Anne Tyler in “By the Book.” I was fascinated by her response to the question below:

What books are currently on your night stand?

I have no books at all on my night stand, because if I read a book in bed I’ll get caught up in it and read till I’m too sleepy and forget half of it by morning and have to go back to the beginning. So I keep only a New Yorker on my night stand, which I do my best to eke out over the space of an entire week. It distresses me that The New Yorker publishes just 47 issues a year, which makes the eking-out process a mathematical challenge.

I also subscribe to The New Yorker. Anne Tyler’s response makes me want to do what she does. But mostly I just look at the cover.


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