Provincetown is where I started these posts, and by happenstance, that’s where I am at this halfway mark–nice symmetry, right? Life crafting itself.

I had thought when this day came I would write what I’d learned so far, what I hope for the second half, that I would count some things.

Provincetown is where life is being rather than doing, where I’m by myself more often than not, where it feels as if my hands hold time. It’s the ideal place to write these posts–well, it’s the ideal place. My life is generally about doing; why does being here make it about being?

I’m outside as much as inside. All the windows and doors are open. I’m not sealed up in a house or a car. There’s no demarcation–no bridge to cross–to get to the other side. There are no sides.

At the halfway point in this practice, I’m watching the sunset as the seals dance by.


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