Yesterday was a travel day, and by that I mean we had to be at the dock at 9:30 am for the 30-minute boat ride to Union Island. Customs and security, then waiting for the plane to Lisbon. Sometime 11-ish we boarded a small propeller plane for a 60-minute ride to Barbados. Customs, then re-entering the airport and security. Our 2:30 flight to Atlanta was delayed for an hour. We arrived stateside a little after 8 pm. Customs and security. Our plane to Jacksonville left a little after 10. Bizarrely, another couple, celebrating their honeymoon on Petit St. Vincent, and with whom we had arrived there, made the same journey with us on their way to a family beach thing. We arrived in Florida around 11:30. Then we had a 30-minute cab ride to our friends’ beach house. Yes, I feel guilty to report that around midnight, we arrived at yet another beach.


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