IMG_2055A long, long time ago, I put the books in my study in alphabetical order, with a separate section for poetry and writing. Later I added a separate section for essays, and another for unread classics. Spurs began to shoot off.

There’s the tower of unread books, growing baby towers.

Like tornadoes stacks of books form if I’m looking for examples or writing a post.

Giving a book to Cal to read, which I often do, means I may not see that book again for ages–he has stacks too.

It’s a mess.

I’m currently trying to find a book I know I have somewhere. Wouldn’t it be great if I could just call to it?

Like, would all the Rebecca Solnits show yourselves? Or, Julius Caesar, where are you? Or what if there were some sort of ISBN finder App so that I could punch the numbers in and the book with that ISBN number would beep?


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