Yesterday evening I was sitting on the deck, and every time I thought about the post, the only thing that surfaced was I don’t want to. Ultimately, I went with that. But while I was sitting there, I kept looking at the Long Point Light that is directly across the harbor from me–you can see it in the photo from yesterday--the only lighthouse of the three in Provincetown that I hadn’t gotten up close to, the lighthouse that is on the very end of Cape Cod.

Last night as I was falling asleep, it was flashing its green light that always makes me think of Gatsby, and it occurred to me that what I needed was an adventure.

So this morning at 10:30 I set off. In my backpack, two bottles of water, a ham and cheese sandwich, a beach towel, and my phone. It was warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt, along with a light jacket. It took me an hour and twenty minutes to walk there. As you will see in the slideshow, due to high tide, I had a couple of obstacles that slowed me down a bit.

I had a picnic at the foot of the lighthouse built in 1827 and got back to my cottage before the rain, around 1:50–clocking in at a little less than seven miles round trip. My mood is much improved.

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