IMG_2985When my youngest was two and I had a little free time, I started thinking about what I wanted to do next. I loved to read. I loved books. I was fascinated by writers and how they did it. They were so cool.

So one day–March 26, 1995–I pulled over to the side of the road and began to write. That year, I had two other moments of free time and wrote. The next year, a moment appeared in February and again I pulled out a piece of paper. Six more times in 1996.

Women was what I was writing about. Different women and their days. Character. No plot. And vastly revised, these pieces turned into my first novel.

In 1997, I found time to write in January, and after that, I made time. 

At some point I took a creative writing class at a community center in Auburn, Alabama. Then in the summer of 1999, I applied to the Napa Valley Writers Conference, where my first writing teacher was Elizabeth McCracken.


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