Oh my god. But yes I am.

I’m not sure why this word conjures gray hair and a kitchen. Buddy took me to Europe when I was ten and was always traveling–bus tours of the world. And Lilli was loads of fun–taking out her teeth and shaving her face and eating fudge by the spoonfuls. And Lilli’s mother, Gram, used to play the piano so we could dance around the room.

But for me, grandmother is a synonym for old. Which I started to write I am not, but which of course, relative to many, I am.

I am also CC to three adorable little kiddos with another one arriving in September!

And I’m not quite sure how I got here–except I just kept doing the next thing and was very lucky and voila.

It’s curious that I didn’t think way back then–old, wow, that’s cool, I can’t wait until I get to be old.

Any thoughts on the word grandmother?


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