I woke up to a frozen sea–outside–so I’m thinking no longer inside. I’m going to take it as a sign that the universe is with me.

I’m in Provincetown where the temperatures for the last couple of days have been in the forties. Before I went to sleep last night, I lowered the shades so daylight would wake me. When I first opened my eyes, I thought, that’s weird, we weren’t expecting snow. A bit later I sat up and could make no sense of what I saw. Where the ocean should have been, it was white–huge blocks of ice–for as far as I could see.

So actually it was a chopped up frozen sea–a frozen sea the universe had taken an axe to. Step one in the process of melting.

I pulled on my boots and a jacket and without stopping to brush my teeth, headed down to the sand. Phantasmal boulders of ice. I was so disoriented. They seemed to have come out of nowhere. I kept looking in each direction, trying to make it make sense.

This has to be one of the top ten most amazing things I’ve ever seen, although at the moment, I’m not sure what the other things would be or what could top this. It was so unexpected. Such a gift.

An ice floe. I’d never seen one but surely that’s what this was. From a couple of people I talked to (yes, I talked to some people), they said this happened back in 1977-ish and again in the 90’s.


A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.
Franz Kafka


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