In The New York Times yesterday, the title of an essay caught my eye: “Writing My Way to a New Self.” In the essay, Hana Schank wrote about her two different selves–the one she was on paper and the one she was in person–Writing Me and Actual Me.

And while on the phone I was awkward and stiff, in email I was my charming inner self.

After her first book was published, her editor encouraged her to broaden her reach. And she did–by using email to turn strangers into friends before she met them. After a while,

It was as though my writing self and my public self had begun to merge into one whole person. And when that happened, it was as though I’d been set free.

I think feeling the split Hana wrote about was another reason I wanted to undertake this project: Writer me, Actual me, Mother me, Other me, Columbus me, Provincetown me, Past me, Future me, Young me, Now me…

Perhaps rather than dividing myself up, it would be better to add. And although math is not my strong suit, perhaps all these different selves add up to one whole person–Real me : )


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