When I used to study for exams, I would start with all my material spread out around me–books with underlinings and my binder or spiral notebook. Then I would review my underlinings and write down anything I needed to remember. Likely pages and pages. I would no longer need the book. Then I would read through my class notes and highlight anything I needed to remember. Next I would merge my class notes and book notes into what we would now call one document. Each instance of reading or highlighting or merging involved working with the material. So at this point I was ready to let go of the stuff I knew. An hour or so before the exam I would be down to one sheet of paper–the really really important stuff and dates or whatever I wasn’t ready to part with yet.

When the kids were little and my husband out of town, the end of the day would go like this: first all the toys put up outside and doors locked. Feed the kids. Clean up downstairs. Lights off. Upstairs for baths. Kids asleep. Me in the bed reading, one lamp on.

When I first started going to Provincetown, I would stay in Truro, the neighboring town. When you’re driving, you have to pass through Truro to get to Provincetown, which is as far as you can go on the Cape. Next I stayed in an inn on the outskirts of town. Then in the middle of town. And now, my favorite place to stay is almost as far in as you can go–in the curl of the fist.


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