credit: WPics

credit: WPics

Sometimes I don’t know. Actually a good fifty percent of the time, taking into consideration my issues with math.

Here’s the thing, in the last few days I haven’t wanted to write these posts, and I haven’t had a lot of free time to spend with that. So each of the last few days, I slapped a true thing up here and moved on. #75 in particular, I’m not happy with, for more than one reason. I cringed when I posted it. I mean, what if it were the only thing someone read of mine? I’ve tried not to think about it. But last night my husband said, so your recent posts…not so much. And I was thinking about it again.

I guess it’s too soon to decide for sure but I don’t want to waste your time. I could just take a pass on those days that I’m gritting my teeth and wishing I weren’t doing this, but I’m thinking the point of a 365-day-thing is to show up and see what happens and if it’s not so great, living with the words anyway. And maybe one of the days I don’t want to do this will coincide with a day I have more time and I will take that time, and something will come of it.

Writing posts ahead for those busy/blah days doesn’t feel right. I’m not sure why exactly, except that one of the reasons I’m doing this to become more aware, on a daily basis, of what I think and feel and who I am and what I stand for. Plus I want the post to come out of the day itself.

I may go back and work on #75. By the way, any post that I go back to–and there have been a few–I mark edited in the bottom right corner.

All thoughts are welcome, as usual.


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