In direct contradiction with my tendency to save stuff, and/or because of it, I love getting rid of things and fantasize about a life with only the minimum.

I imagine what the minimum would look like–seven of everything clothes-wise, ten books, one set of dishes, two sets of towels, two sets of sheets, one blanket, no coffee table books, one purse.

I wonder if the minimum is even a realistic goal if a person lives in a house that used to hold six people and that now at peak times hold thirteen. So thirteen sets of towels?

I would kind of like to give away all the books I have no intention of ever reading again. But does that make any sense when I have the space for them, enjoy them, have already bought them, and may actually need them for future writing or teaching projects? The same goes for shoes, coats, purses, pens, and pads.

I’d love to know what you think.


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