I don’t often reread my posts, but sometimes if nothing surfaces after I sit for a few minutes, I go back and read the post from the day before to see if anything flows from that.

A phrase in yesterday’s post, which I just reread, stuck out to me. It sounded so sure of it self. It sounded like progress.

From #40 : My own particular brand of weirdness stems from wanting to be private–which is what started this project.

And then I compared it to what I said in #1: I’m a very private person.

I’m trying to figure out how to say what I mean by private, and I’m not satisfied with it but here’s a start: I’m comfortable being by myself and comfortable off on my own. I’m not comfortable sharing what I feel and what I think. I like to take care of myself and my business. And this doesn’t sound very nice, but I don’t like people knowing my business. Like I said, it’s a start.


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