IMG_1602Yesterday was a frustrating day in a lot of unimportant, ridiculous ways. By the end of it I was tired and my head full of the mundane, irritating details of life. But sitting here this morning, with the sun shining through the woods to my right, through a tangle of trunks and bark and dead leaves, all wet from a night rain, I feel pretty great.

That was as far as I got before I had to leave for Atlanta to visit and help my parents. On the way back, I wanted some good music and was flipping through my Spotify playlists and came across one I made from Lindsey Mead’s blog. I pushed random and as I began to sing at the top of my lungs, I thought–music, it’s been 24 days and I haven’t mentioned music.

Here’s the song I listened to over and over again for the last thirty minutes of my drive home. By The Head and the Heart–Lost in My Mind


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