In the interest of the whole truth, I must follow my being rich in family with my equally strong need/desire for time to myself.

I’ve always felt this.

The summer I was a brand-new teen-ager, I set off to Vermont by myself for two months of camp. My last year as a teen-ager, I set off to Quebec City by myself for the summer, and the next summer, off to France. After my first son was born, I spent months and months planning and looking forward to a trip to Paris for after his first birthday. Before I ever even hung a wreath, I used to combat the intensity of family time at Christmas by scheduling a trip to a spa for January first. And my first published story was called “Time for Myself.”

What I especially loved about a spa, when I had kids at home, was that it was a place where people took care of me, and if I went by myself, I didn’t have to compromise what I wanted to do to accommodate when someone else wanted to eat lunch.

I like having a whole day to sculpt as the spirit moves me. It’s nice to be able to do that every once in a while. Thinking of what other people want or need most of the time, as parents and spouses do, it’s easy to forget what you want, what you would do if you had a free day, a free evening. It’s easy to forget who you are.

If I lived by myself and had no family, I imagine I would go in search of Time with Others.

I’d love to know what you think.


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