I’m a take-charge kind of person, a problem-solver. Perhaps I was born this way and then my predilection was honed by being the oldest of five. Or perhaps at the age of eighteen months when my sister was born, I decided it would be me rather than her. And so on.

My father used to tell a story that used to be funny–if Cindy’s in a room, then Cindy’s in charge. He actually said “the kitchen” but I think that muddies the waters. Anyway, this story used to be funny until my husband used it as evidence I was bossy. And there is that side of it.

My first instinct is not to be empathetic but to solve. I do realize that sometimes people just want to be heard and understood rather than solved. And sometimes I manage to turn off the problem-solving and just listen.

Reading this over, I wonder if I should have separated take charge from problem solver but they seem the same to me.



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