It’s true. I deliberate. I stare at words, cross them out, and start again.

So I have to come up with ways to get around my brain. In December of 2013 when I was pushing to finish a first draft of my novel, I discovered that if I wrote for word count, I didn’t judge my words. I silenced my inner critic by making the number of words the important thing. I gave my brain a task to keep it busy so I could get some real writing done. Later, during revision, I would call on my IC.

Now, because I’m writing a new post every day, I’m not able to dwell on what I write. And I want to respond to comments on the day they come in because there’ll be a new post the next day. So I just have to write what I’m thinking without deliberating. It’s another way of getting around a brain that tries to take charge of everything.


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