Fourteen writers respond in a collection of nine interlocking essays, meditations, and lists, all framed by excerpts from an interview with Michael Martone, and all aimed at pulling the curtain back, just a little, on that most important character we craft: The writer.

Claire Guyton, the creative brain behind this piece and its collage format, has this to say about the piece:

Michael demystifies the writing life and empowers his students because he talks about writing-related subjects that so many other writers and teachers seem to believe are beside the point.


All writers make choices every day about what kind of writer we want to be. Many of the decisions we make are subconscious—why did I choose to take my author photo in my back yard? On the other hand, much of what we do is intentional.

Michael inspired Hunger Mountain to ask other writers about:

    • The Author Photo
    • Publishing: Do It Yourself ?
    • Other than books, what do you read?
    • Other than books, what do you write?
    • What kind of author are YOU crafting?

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