Although I cannot read a book without a pencil or a pen in my hand, I cringe at the thought of folding down a page. So when I read, in addition to something to write with, I must have something to mark my spot with. I prefer an actual bookmark, but also use postcards, envelopes, or a folded review. My collection of bookmarks lives in a pottery vase on my side table, where I can easily pluck one out.

I love this column at Bibliobuffet: “On Marking Books.” In late September, Lauren Roberts, the editor at Bibliobuffet, wrote about a bookmarks festival and that she was giving away bookmarks! All you had to do was email. So I did and that photo is a sampling of what fell out of my envelope. She might still have some left…Her recent essay is on a cheese-y bookmark. Ha! Take a look at it.

Here are close-ups of some of the bookmarks Lauren sent me:

But wait, there’s more…

If you want to pay, I discovered @calligbyerin on Twitter. She makes bookmarks to order with your favorite lines from books. Here are two I ordered:

I include a photo of one of my bookmarks with each month on the updates page.

Do you have a favorite bookmark or a favorite way to mark your spot?