I’ve never read Ulysses. I’ve wanted to. There it is on my to-be-read shelf. But the time has just never been right.

However, there’s nothing like a passionate Irish voice to spur me forward. In this case, that of Frank Delaney. He loves this book.

ReJOYCE! To mark Bloomsday, in other words, to commemorate James Joyce’s mighty novel, Ulysses, we’re launching a podcast. Every week, here on the website, you’ll find a five-minute mini-essay from me designed to take you through the novel that’s on every list of the greatest books ever written. And as Ulysses runs to some 375,000 words, and I mean to go through it sentence by sentence if I have to, in order to convey the full brilliance of this novel – and the enjoyment to be had from it…

This morning, in 5 minutes and 30 seconds, episode 1. And just like that, I’ve read the first paragraph.

Happy Bloomsday!

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