My husband said, “But why do you need the iPad?”

“I don’t,” I said.

But I love it. It’s so cool.

The Tent by Margaret Atwood

It will replace the Kindle for me, I think. For one reason, the background is lit. So I don’t need a light. The pages turn with a swipe, as in real book. It uses color. It’s just more fun than a Kindle.

I didn’t really find much available from iBook. So I downloaded the Kindle App for iPad. It’s free and it immediately put copies of the books I’d already bought for the Kindle on my iPad. Each of the three–Kindle, iPad, iPhone–sync automatically from the last page I read on whichever one I read it on.

It’ also s a book-size iTouch and so easy to use.

Word is not available on the iPad, so I opened an email, wrote a page for the story I’m working on, mailed it to myself, and then when I was back at my computer, copied and pasted into Word. There’s also an App I’ve yet to investigate but which comes highly recommended that supposedly will allow access from the iPad to anything on your computer–Desktop Connect.

If you have any questions about my iWorld, ask away.

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