Writer Anna Clark is doing a series on her blog, Isak, suggesting that we all choose books as gifts for the holidays.  Each almost-daily post in the series suggests not only the title of a book, but also who that book would be perfect for, what edition to buy, and where to buy it.

There is also a Buy Books For the Holidays website that hopes we will “make this holiday a literary season.”

I agree. I hate shopping, but choosing a book for someone does not feel like shopping. It feels like getting lost in a library. I love to give books. I love to receive books. Most hardbacks are $25 or less. Wonderful paperbacks can be found for $15 or less. And for $9.95 a month, there’s BookSwim, a kind of netflix for books. Gifts of words, of stories, of lives…

One of my other favorite gifts is to plant a tree in honor of that person. I started doing this in 1998 through an organization called Forevergreen that planted trees in Minnesota. I’d seen a segment about their work on TV. Now there’s Trees Columbus.

If you have questions about giving any of the books I’ve written about on the blog, please leave a comment and I will try to respond quickly.

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