IMG_2087Yesterday, June 9th, I sat and read under this little piece of sky–one of those skies that appeared still, the clouds unmoving.

It looks like a sky that might be over you at the beach or in a meadow where you might be ripping a piece of baguette to go with a piece of brie.

But no. I was sitting against the cement wall of a car lot, as the beepbeep of locking and unlocking went on all around me, as cars arrived and departed. My car was being serviced, and I was finishing The Vagrants.

I know it seems like I’ve been reading The Northern Clemency and The Writer’s Notebook for a looong time, but I’ve had to interrupt my reading twice for two other books, The Earth Hums in B Flat because of a review deadline and The Vagrants because of a chat deadline.

So I’m happy to be back to only two books. I wonder where I’ll find myself reading today.

Where are you reading today, and what?

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