IMG_0948Sometimes I sit down at my desk to make a post, and I think I know what I want to write about. So I’m typing away on the computer and what I started with is getting farther and farther down the page as I continue to write and hit enter. Finally I realize I must have had something else on my mind. And there it is–buried treasure.

In an essay entitled, “The Company of Women,” from her book, Living Out Loud, Anna Quindlen writes,

“Most of the time we talked and talked, not in a linear way, but as though we were digging for buried treasure.”

She describes her conversations with women as “free-floating attempts to make order out of daily life.”

That’s also what writing does for me and what I’m trying to do with this blog–make order out of daily life.  And so often, just by writing–just by starting to write without even knowing what letters I will hit on the keyboard–there it is.

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