img_1776 It’s a blustery day in Seaside, Florida, a town many of you may know from the movie The Truman Show.  I was taking a quick break from Tender is the Night for a fun beach read, The Sunday Wife by Cassandra King, which takes place in Seaside and the surrounding area.  I love that–reading a novel that takes place where I’m physically located.  I was actually on the deck at Bud & Alley’s when I read “we went for an early supper on the outdoor deck of Bud & Alley’s.”

I went in Sundog Booksimg_1759, the wonderful independent bookstore located in Seaside.  Picked up book after book.  Then my eyes fell on a copy of Tender is the Night.  I’ve been reading the book on my new Kindle.  And not liking it very much.  Not picking it up very often.  Normally I take my book up to bed with me, but there’s something not-very-cozy about heading to bed with my Kindle.

Anyway, I suspected that it was not the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald that were the problem, but the very cool electronic gadget that I was reading them on.  Standing in Sundog Books, I opened the copy of Tender is the Night and began reading.  I was mesmerized.  And disappointed.  How could it make that much difference?  And I love gadgets.  And the Kindle is so cool.  You can download a book in a few seconds.  You can search through the pages of the book.  You can take an entire library with you when you travel.  But it’s not the same, I’m so sad to have to admit.

So I bought that copy and went across the street for a great lunch–a lobster roll and F. Scott Fitzgerald.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

note the wonderful bookmark