I have no trouble packing in a carry-on for a weekend trip, even a 3-day weekend. But until a few weeks ago, I’d never packed in a carry-on for a week-long trip. My husband suggested I try it. Well, I knew it could be done. I’d seen other people do it. I just didn’t think I could. But I can.

img_19011When Nicole Diver traveled in Tender is the Night, she took with her:  4 wardrobe trunks, a shoe trunk, 3 hat trunks, and 2 hat boxes, a chest of servants’ trunks, a portable filing-cabinet, a medicine chest, a spirit lamp container, a picnic set, 4 tennis rackets in presses and cases, a phonograph, a typewriter, and 24 supplementary grips, satchels, and packages.

It’s freeing to be mobile. Travelling becomes much easier. Less to pack; less to unpack; less to pack up. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend it. One of each thing. Lots of black. And something that you love to wear–for me, long scarves.

“…each one numbered, down to the tag on the cane case. Thus all of it could be checked up in two minutes on any station platform, some for storage, some for accompaniment from the ‘light trip list’ or the ‘heavy trip list,’ constantly revised, and carried on metal-edged plaques in Nicole’s purse. She had devised the system as a child when travelling with her failing mother.”

img_19072Be sure to ship any purchases home. Books fit well in boxes….