snow on the daffodils!

snow on the daffodils

I had this lovely idea for a March first post, a sort of spring-is-on-the-way kind of thing, and this morning I stubbornly forged ahead with it.  I mean, I’d planned it, been thinking about it for days.  In fact, I posted it for a few minutes–complete with a picture of a yellow daffodil.  Then I just couldn’t stand it because every time I lifted my head from the computer I saw snow!  It’s true.  Columbus, Georgia.  March 1st.  Snow.

It’s wonderfully dark outside and cozy inside with snow falling like rain and the wind swirling it around–a perfect day for a fire and a good book. 

Catch the day; don’t fight it is what I should have been saying to myself all morning.  It doesn’t snow here very often.  Enjoy it–even if it is March 1st.

I’m off to finish Revolutionary Road… Time enough for spring later.