img_1252New Year’s Day is a pause for me.  I lie on the sofa and watch movies and football.  I let life happen outside of me and around me.  Then yesterday I spent the entire day in action–restoring order after the holidays.   Chopping wood, carrying water.  Untangling Christmas lights.  Two very different days, but two days I let slip through–catching nothing.  Instead of an inner life, an outer life. Today, I’m hoping to restore order in my study; there are piles everywhere.  I’m starting here. 

At the end of each of the last few days, I’ve thought of the line from The Hours by Michael Cunningham:

“Laura reads the moment as it passes.  Here it is, she thinks; there it goes.  The page is about to turn.”

The last few days, nothing written on the page.  Today, big hopes.