“Wordstruck is exactly what I was–

and still am: 

crazy about the sound of words,

the look of words,

the taste of words,

the feeling of words on the tongue and in the mind.” 

Robert MacNeil

 from his 1989 memoir,


Robert MacNeil’s love of words came from his father.

“He always wrote on the flyleaf of each new book the date and where he was, so I can follow him…He treated the bindings of his leatherbound books with oil to keep them supple.  He loved the feel of books, good paper, well-sewn bindings….He made them seem delicious, like something good enough to eat.”

In the back of all my books, I write my initials and the year and month.  Now I may add a few more words…


*a word not found in the dictionary 🙂